How to dress according to one's morphology?

Many times, we arrive at the store or supermarket and see, behind the window, clothes that make us think: "This is for me". Then we get upset, because the clothes don't fit our bodies and we realize that dressing in a balanced way is key to look beautiful, elegant and full of vitality. But how to proceed?

Dressing according to your morphology is learning to identify what kind of silhouette is yours. That is why at Billie Boutique, we will give you fundamental recommendations about how to dress according to your morphology. In order to achieve this, we will be assisted by our experience. There is no doubt that, with us, you will be able to see all the virtues and new possibilities that your body hides.

What is the morphology of the body?

The morphology of the body refers to the structure of the organism and its characteristics. This allows us to say that a woman's body is beautiful and that we must take care of it to make it healthy, with an adequate presentation for you.

Having said that, knowing your body's morphology will help you, for example, to select the clothes you need, to save money, and if that is not enough, it will give you tools to look eternally beautiful. You will save time and money... but, above all, you will get to know yourself much better.

Types of morphology in the female body

When learning about your body morphology, you should know that there are many opinions about it, but generally the female body is characterized as type "A", or triangular morphology; type "H", or rectangular morphology; type "V", or inverted pyramid morphology; and type "X", "8" or hourglass morphology.

In addition, apart from the body type, the height (since a short "A" type person is not the same as a tall one) and the width of the silhouette should be considered. Taking into account these factors will give you a more informed criterion, about the perfect clothes for your body. That's why, below, we detail how to dress according to your morphology.

Type "A" or triangular morphology

When we speak of a woman with a triangular morphology, we refer to someone with hips wider than shoulders, and a marked waist. They usually have small shoulders and chest, as well as rounded hips.

If you meet these characteristics, to enhance your figure you can choose clothes that expand your bust and do not emphasize your hips too much.

To dress according to this morphology, we recommend you:

  • To achieve this, wear clothes with details in the upper part, and a loose piece for the lower part of your silhouette.
  • Consider also the color games. You can use light or fluorescent colors on the top, contrasted with dark garments on the bottom. This will highlight your attributes.
  • In addition, you can use shoulder pads to widen your shoulders, or ribbons to mark your waist.
  • You can also choose high-waisted jeans (or normal waist) and fluid pants, also high-waisted. We recommend that they be straight or with an ankle buckle, so that your figure is enhanced with a touch of elegance and finesse.

Type "H" or rectangular morphology

On the other hand, a woman with a rectangular morphology usually has aligned shoulders and hips. In addition, the waist is not marked. That is to say, she has her shoulders, waist and hips under the same body alignment.

If you meet these characteristics, to enhance your figure you can choose clothes that focus your shoulders, so that it gives the impression of expanding your hips and not mark your waist much. Remember that, for type "H" people, the waisted clothing thickens the figure.

To dress according to this morphology, we recommend you:

  • A perfect solution for you are the blouses with boat neckline, since they clear the neck and extend to the shoulders. You can choose to cover them or not.
  • In the same way, straight-cut dresses can help you, because they do not fit the body: they are designed with simple silhouettes, which achieve an atmosphere of impact.
  • Straight skirts can be your allies when it comes to manifesting your attributes, mainly because of their simplicity and elegance.
  • In addition, elephant-legged pants will make you look beautiful.

Type "V" or inverted pyramid morphology

However, the characteristics of a woman with an inverted pyramid morphology is that her shoulders are usually wider than her hips. In addition, her silhouette can be both slim and voluptuous.

If you comply with these characteristics, the clothes that highlight the lower part of your silhouette are ideal for you. However, when it comes to accentuating the upper zone, you must be especially careful.

To dress according to this morphology, we recommend you:

  • Trapezoidal dresses, because of the ease they emit, will help your silhouette look perfect.
  • Straight skirts can also be very helpful, since they will emphasize the lower part of your silhouette.
  • In addition, loose clothing and cigarette pants will add volume to your hips and make you feel comfortable.

Type "X", "8" or hourglass morphology

Finally, a woman with hourglass morphology has her shoulders and hips in the same alignment. Her waist is also marked.

If you comply with these characteristics, for your figure to be enhanced you must prioritize clothes that emphasize your waist and hips.

To dress according to this morphology, we recommend you:

  • Wrap-around or "wrap-dress" dresses are, besides being elegant, suitable for you, because of their "V" shaped neckline, which wraps and tightens the silhouette of your body.
  • In addition, belts are very helpful in marking the waist properly, which will give greater prominence to how you want to look.
  • High-waisted pants or jeans will also help highlight your waist and emphasize your hips. However, you should also consider your complexion when carving a pair of pants with these characteristics.

To dress according to your morphology...

Without a doubt, clothing is fundamental, since it covers and protects us from changes in the climate, it also demarcates a status and, above all, it identifies us as part of a social group. However, knowing what to wear is fundamental, because it also allows us to transmit our vision of the world.

Buying clothes is fundamental for life, but where can I find what I am looking for? If you want to find high quality clothes at the best price, visit us at Billie Boutique. Here we will attend you as you deserve, based on the demands you have.

Thanks to professionals in the field, you will find the clothes that best suit you. Dressing according to your morphology will be easier with us. So, don't wait any longer. Your clothes, of unbeatable quality, are waiting for you.