Say goodbye to summer! Trends Autumn/Winter 2021

The fashion trends of this 2021 have been undoubtedly spectacular. The fashion industry is in constant motion and this upcoming season, of course, will be no exception. It's time to start putting away the bathing suits and taking out the coats we enjoy so much to welcome the last months of the year. 

Today in Billie Boutique we present you some of the main trends that will be dominating the fashion industry in the Fall/Winter 2021 season.  

Don't give up comfort! 

Of course, you can have a unique, on-trend style without having to give up the comfort you enjoy so much. This Autumn/Winter 2021, many items that are a classic of the season will be on trend. An example of this will be the turtleneck top

They are ideal for any type of outfit, whether you keep a classic style or one that is at the forefront. They are garments that can make you look elegant and sophisticated without much effort, stealing with it all the looks in the office, in a casual outing or an important event. 

In addition to that, global trends point to the use of garments that have remained at the forefront in recent seasons. Baggy jeans, wide coats, and long jackets that stylize the figure, will be a reliable and safe option for these dates. 

Knitwear continues to be a favourite

Some trends always come back. Throughout this year we've seen the heyday of knitwear, and of course, this season it's continuing. Beautiful knitted jackets tend to become popular with the arrival of autumn and are sure to stick around until the end of December. 

Knitwear will be worn from head to toe this season! Long dresses, two-piece outfits, trousers, blouses... Any combination is valid. Similarly, if you do not dare to wear it in a kind of "total look", you can always add accessories in are made with this fabric. 

Who doesn't enjoy being warm and fashionable at the same time?

The return to the 2000s

The garments that at some point in history have set trends, always come back. One of the most iconic garments of the last decades will make an appearance in the last quarter of the year. 

On the most important catwalks in the world, everything points to the return of the mini skirt, in the best style of the 2000s. Therefore, the best way to combine it this season will be with high boots. The ideal ones will be the "cowboy" style and with a medium length to the knee. 

Choose the perfect coat

Beyond trends, choosing a good coat for winter is always necessary. However, if you also want to be fashionable, you can choose any of the favorite cuts of this Autumn/Winter 2021. The short style will be present, mainly in jackets. While, on the other hand, when it comes to coats, light color palettes will stand out, mainly white or "camel". 

Aside from these options, long coats will always remain an excellent choice when dressing one up. Whether it's a straight or A-line cut, they will make your casual outfit a more formal and elegant ensemble. 

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